Tips to Use MaxBet at Online Casino

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Tips to Use MaxBet at Online Casino Tips to Use MaxBet at Online Casino

Welcome, this episode is part of the Online Casino Malaysia video series by Rescuebet. I’m Sharon, Rescuebet brand ambassador. In the same way that there is a limit to the amount of money you can cash out in an online casino, there are also restrictions on the amount of money you can bet. While this limit may seem like a hindrance to players winning more with every spin, it is necessary to maintain the house edge of the operator.

MaxBet is certainly one slot feature that you should capitalize on. One obvious reason behind this is that most of the bonus features of a Mega888 can only be activated if you use MaxBet. Normally, progressive jackpots can also only be won if you bet high amounts of money or use MaxBet. With that said, in this video, you will learn some helpful tips to use MaxBet at online casinos.

Tips for Optimal Max Bet Usage

Pay attention to the slot machine with a MaxBet feature you are using. Take a closer look at the payouts that it gives when you bet either x2 or x3 compared to the payouts when you bet Max Bet. If it is higher than the rest, then do not hesitate to go for Max Bet.

If the total bet is too high for your bankroll, then do not use that machine. Instead, look for the one is more suitable for your bankroll and still meets the first criteria we mentioned.

Games with straight multipliers are often not recommended to use Max Bet on simply because their payouts (when multiplied) are often just proportional to the amount you bet.

A different story is told in most progressive slots. This is because these types of slots require players to Max Bet to get a chance to win the top jackpot. In progressive slots, you should definitely play Max Bet as often as possible.

Some bonus games slots also require players to Max Bet to unlock their jackpots, but you have to take the time to go through their paytables to confirm this.

Thanks for watching! Now, do you know the best times to use Max Bet? If you want to equip yourself with more knowledge to play online slot games better, then please continue watching the videos in this Malaysia Online Casino series. Good luck and all the best for you!