Roxette - Joyride (Official Video) [Remastered]

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Juan Cb
Juan Cb
18 Jun 2022

JOYRIDE (30th Anniversary Version)

Directed by Doug FreelProduced by Andy PichetaRestored and edited from original 35 mm tapes by Thomas Ahlén, Filmtech. 2021Thirty years ago, the Swedish pop sensation Roxette got their fourth US #1 single with ”Joyride” – the title track to their third album. With MTV being an ever increasing power in the early 90’s pop business, a spectacular – and costly – music video was a necessary element in the bag of tricks that could send a single all the way to the top. And ”Joyride” truly was no exception. It became a strikingly playful video, with Marie and Per sometimes sitting on a Ferrari while a hidden driver operated the accelerator and break-pedals. A joyride in 4KBut thirty years of heavy rotation had made its mark on the original video (which probably had been copied and then copied again, before disappearing out of sight), so a restoration was definitely due. As a part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations, the “Joyride” video has resurrected in a new and improved version with sparkling colours and amazing clarity in 4K resolution.

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