Building a Metal Ferrari 250 GTO | Making a 1/5 Ferrari RC Car | How to Make a Mini Ferrari

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It was a challenge for me to handmade a Ferrari at home in metal,
I thought for a long time, how to make a car?

Building a car requires making the frame first,
To get as close as possible to the original Ferrari 250 gto,
I made this frame out of metal rods.

I wanted it not to be a static model car, so I put an engine and a remote control on this car, so that I could run this Ferrari by remote control.

This is also the first time for me to make a Ferrari with metal. I have encountered many problems in the handmade process and failed several times. Finally, I succeeded in making this metal Ferrari with the combination of iron and tin.

This Ferrari 250 GTO is 1/5 the size of the original car, handmade 1/5 Ferrari remote control car.

It took 48 days to complete the exterior of the 250 gto by hand, but the interior and wheels are not finished yet, and the paint needs to be sanded. So if you like this ferrari 250 gto you can subscribe to my channel. Will update here when finished.

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