Afterlife Mega Mix 2022 (Anyma, Argy, Agents Of Time, Colyn, Kevin De Vries, Massano,...) [PAHUA]

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24 Jan 2023

This mix was made on my computer with traktor pro 3. Afterlife, one of the most recognized labels either by its sound and visuals that offer in each of their events or parties being so characteristic that names like Tale Of Us, Colyn, Innellea, Mathame, Recondite, Mind Against and many more have released tracks on this label.

This mix is created with 9 of the greatest songs that Afterlife has released during the year either Consciousness, Drown, Dance With Me, Cosmovision and a atomic bomb such as Tataki. I am passionate about electronic music and since 2020 when I discovered this beautiful genre that is melodic techno I have been hooked.

The mixes I always try to make them sound and be true to what they would represent on stage at an afterlife event. I hope you enjoy this hour and a half of melodic techno that will transport us to another dimension. One of the most ambitious mixes I've done....

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Special Thanks to Afterlife Unreleased 2 for the video, go check them out for the best unreleased songs of Afterlife!

Tracklist and Timestaps:
1.- Edge Of Our Mind - Monophase (IT) 0:00
2.- Loss Of Hope - Innellea 2:45
3.- Timeless - CYA 8:40
4.- Cosmovision - ANNA & Ravid 13:26
5.- Synergy - Emiliano DeMarco 16:10
6.- Drown (Massano Remix) - Øostil & Juan Hansen 21:01
7.- Awe - Fideles 26:34
8.- The Feeling (2022 Remastered) - Massano 31:10
9.- Pompa - Cherry 35:26
10.- Oxygen Levels Low - Colyn 39:55
11.- Nt - NoTrust 45:46
12.- Edge Of The World - ENØS & VNTM 50:31
13.- Consciousness (Extended) - Anyma & Chris Avantgarde 53:08
14.- Infinitum - ENØS 58:05
15.- Dance With Me - Kevin De Vries 1:01:29
16.- Swallow (Tale Of Us Remix) - Monolink 1:06:55
17.- Tataki - Argy 1:12:26
18.- Surrender - ANNA 1:16:39
19.- The Mirage - Agents Of Time 1:22:37

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An Odyssey Through The Realm Of Consciousness

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