14 Growing Industries of the Future [2022 Edition]

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18 Jun 2022

14 Growing Industries of the Future

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In the past few years, the leaps being made in our entire global economic system are quicker and larger than ever. Not many economists or tech experts can answer with confidence how they envision the economy 20 years from today. As new technologies are prevailing, new horizons are being tapped, and new industries are being shaped that we never thought of until recently.

Being able to forecast these changes will be the most critical factor in your decision to pursue a certain career or invest in one industry or the other. That's why we thought we should imagine together which way the ship is sailing.

In This Video We'll Try To Answer:
What are examples of the Internet of things?
What is Internet of things in simple words?
What is IoT Internet of things and how does it work?
What are the 6 levels of IoT?
What is artificial intelligence with examples?
What are the 4 types of AI?
Is AI dangerous?
What are the 7 stages of artificial intelligence?
What exactly is cyber security?
What are the types of cyber security?
How much do you make in cyber security?
What skills are needed for cyber security?
What is genomics used for?
What genomic means?
What is the main goal of genomics?
What is an example of genomics?
What is drone industry?
What industries use drones?
How big is the drone industry?
Is the drone industry growing?
What is robotics technology?
What is the latest technology in robotics?
What are the 5 major fields of robotics?
How does robotic technology work?
What technology is used in virtual reality?
How does virtual reality technology work?
What are the 3 types of VR?
What are some nanotechnology products?
What is nanotechnology used for?
How does nanotechnology work?
What is nano technology?
What is renewable energy and examples?
What are 4 examples of renewable resources?
What is renewable and non renewable energy?
What does shared economy mean?
Is Uber a sharing economy?
What are three examples of sharing economy?
Is Amazon a sharing economy?
What is the e learning industry?
How big is the e learning industry?
How much is the e learning industry worth?
Who owns eLearning?
What is big data with examples?
Why is big data important?
What technology is used in 3D printing?
What is the most accurate 3D printing technology?
How does the 3D printing technology work?
What is Blockchain technology and how does it work?
What is Blockchain in simple words?
What is Blockchain good for?
What is Blockchain technology with example?
and much more...

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